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BetaBooter is the number one IP Booter/IP Stresser online today. We were built from scratch to offer you the best possible solution.

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What makes BetaBooter the best online IP Booter?

We have a lot of competition in the booter industry, however we stick out from the rest. We strive for great power and customer satisfaction. We are a professionally managed stresser with a staff team that has over 5 years experience and it shows in the quality of our product.

Crazy Fast

BetaBooter utilizes TCP reverse sockets, making us the fastest booter online. Stresses are launched in milliseconds!

Mobile Support

Boot on the go! BetaBooter is completely mobile friendly, you can stress on any device!

Fast Support

Here at BetaBooter, our support is always there to help you with any issue you may have!

Privacy Protection

We encrypt all of our data with AES-256. Your data is safe with BetaBooter and it always will be!

Dedicated Servers

All of our stresses are instantly sent to our inhouse managed dedicated servers. You never have to worry about downtime.

Low Prices

You don't need to break out the piggy bank to get a plan at BetaBooter. We offer a cheap and high quality booter.